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Angelus Water & Stain Repellent


Angelus Water & Stain Repellent available to ship in Canada exclusively at Kicksessories.

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When properly applied, Angelus Water & Stain Repellent will provide an invisible protective coating that repels water & stains to keep shoes clean and dry.

Recommended Use: Surface to be treated must be clean and dry. Apply 2-3 even coats to the desired area. . Allow about 30 minutes of dry time in between coats and let completely dry before wear (at least 12 hours).

Note: Excessive spraying may temporarily darken some color and natural leather.

Quick Tip: If using Angelus Dyes, apply Water & stain Repellent once done to help minimize bleeding.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 5 in


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